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Alan Coxon demonstrating

Sheep Dog Trials


Sunday (only) at 08:30

The trial course is laid out to test a dog in a practical and work-like situation. 50 dogs compete for the Ray Ollerenshaw Memorial Trophy and various other prizes, presented by the Ollerenshaw Family.

Outrun: Collect the three sheep from a point 300yds (274m) away without disturbing them.

The Fetch: Bring the sheep to the handler’s feet at a steady pace, and between two gates on the way.

The Drive: The sheep turn around the handler and are driven for 150yds (137m) to the right, to run between two gates, turning back to the left and running 200yds (183m) through another set of gates. Then down the field 150yds (137m) back to the handler.

The Chute: To complete the course the three sheep are put through the chute, from left to right. That is the end of the competitor’s trial. All in a time of 8 minutes - simple!