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Food village bustling with people

Food Village


A range of delicious food from Artisan food producers

A showcase for local and small producers. Take inspiration from our Cookery Theatre and browse, nibble and drink your way around some great food stands, all from dedicated producers who pride themselves in the quality and honesty of their produce. Enjoy!

Shoppers enjoy Bakewell Bakery Food Village stall
Pickled Shallots, Olives, Cheeses on display
Neals Yard stilton
Chatsworth Country Fair A-Z Food Village listing.

Halfpenny Green Vineyards (X6) Award-winning English wines from South Staffordshire
Hartington Creamery (Y11) Handmade artisan cheese from Derbyshire
Hepple Gin (U4) Innovative triple technique distillation from Northumberland
Hoopers and Franklins & Sons Ltd (U8) Franklin & Son's soft drinks and tonic. Hooper's alcoholic brew